Indie-Lincs 2017: Nominees for Best International Short

The Bathtub | Tim Ellrich, 2015

  • Reviewed by Tom Durrans

Three bickering brothers attempting to recreate an old family brother is a funny concept. And this short is indeed hilarious, seeing grown men in their underwear squeeze into a small bath is a very amusing sight. But The Bathtub is also incredibly heartfelt. Simon Jaritz, Rainer Wöss and Stefan Pohl give fantastic performances and have excellent chemistry, making believing that they are brothers an incredibly easy task. Sweetly written and inventively directed (the camera doubles as the camera the brothers are using) by Tim Ellrich, The Bathtub is an amazing short about recapturing the joy of childhood and a beautifully humorous reminder of the importance of family.

  • The Bathtub will be screened on Saturday 18th March at 8.00pm, along with the following films: The Alan Dimension; Last Call Lenny; and MAD.


Silence | Dejan Mrkic, 2016

  • Reviewed by Tom Durrans

The way we enjoy music is by listening to it, by using our ability to hear. Silence explores any musician’s worst fear, losing their ability to hear their music. Charly’s (Charly Thorn) hearing is slowly degrading and because of this, so is her identity, her whole world revolves around music and facing the threat that she may never hear music again is terrifying. Fittingly, the sound design by Livia Ruzic is stunning and it allows us to delve into Charly’s troubled psyche. This, paired with Rachel Harding’s sublime editing, births a painfully profound short that brings writer/director Dejan Mrkic’s deep and complex character study to life. The complexity of Charly’s character is excellently portrayed by Thorn and this ensures that Silence is a short that will have its voice heard.

  • Silence will be screened on Friday 17th March at 7.30pm, along with the following films: The Pine Tree Villa; What About the Rent?; and Even Lovers Get the Blues.


We Could Have, We Should Have, We Didn’t… | David M. Lorenz, 2015

  • Reviewed by Tom Durrans

David M. Lorenz has crafted a thematically strong short that delicately handles a highly political message with relatable humour. It’s Sunday evening and an upper middleclass couple are preparing to sit down and watch some entertaining television until they are interrupted by the ring of their doorbell. The person ringing the doorbell is a stranger claiming that he is in need and the couple debate whether to let him in or not. It’s a subtle reference to current global affairs and such a strong theme is carried well by Lorenz and his cast who all put in great performances. Alessija Lause, Patrick Kalupa and Serge Fouha do an excellent job of keeping the short humorous yet still delivering the message clearly. We Could Have, We Should Have, We Didn’t… is a hugely relevant film that impressively keeps a fluid pace and is sure to get you thinking.

  • We Could Have… will be screened on Friday 17th March at 12.30pm, along with the following films: Open Mike; Already Dead; and Kidnap Me.


Where Have All the Flowers Gone? | Sin-hong Chan, 2016

  • Reviewed by Tom Durrans

Animation is a powerful way of making film, and Sin-hong Chan has used the power of animation to create a truly impactful short. The story sees a pig setting off into the city with big hopes and dreams, only to have his humanity stripped from him by the factory he works for. It’s a strong message and the orchestral score paired with relentless visuals really drive the film’s message home. Even though our protagonist is a voiceless pig, it is incredibly painful to witness his suffering at the hands of higher powers because this phenomenon is all too real. Sin-hong Chan has crafted a gut-wrenchingly brilliant short that is unforgiving and thematically honest, a great fit for Indie-Lincs and a short not to be missed.

  • Where Have All the Flowers Gone? will be screened on Friday 17th March at 9.30am, along with the following films: Hilde; Whack; and Run Away With Me. 



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