Indie-Lincs 2017: Run Away with Me



Run Away with Me will be screened on Friday 17th March at the 2017 Indie-Lincs International Film Festival.

Run Away with Me is a new sci-fi thriller from debut director Eren Özkural. This futuristic film follows a troubled former soldier named Abraham (Kye Loren) who, upon his release from prison, seeks redemption by accepting a mysterious mission to save humanity. However, along the way he discovers secrets about the company who enlisted him with the help of Marja (Rosie MacPherson), a beautiful woman who he has formed a relationship with.

As you can tell, the film goes places that can be expected for a sci-fi thriller of this nature and the world of the film is what holds it together. Özkural is so passionate, that the film is fleshed out and goes beyond its reliance on archetypes. Özkural’s passion comes across as very admirable through this film. He has a clear ambition and he attempts to flesh these goals out into the film that he wants to make, and the one that he believes the audience wants to see. His range of influences is respectable and comes across strongly in the film. Özkural himself notes influences from Korean revenge films, ‘60s psychedelia films, hard sci-fi etc. and I always appreciate when directors make films out of the movements/genres that they love and when they wear that inter-textual relationship on their sleeve. Run Away with Me does go further than just being a love letter to those kinds of movies however. The film wants to tackle some meaty science fiction themes and at its core, it explores the implications of technological determinism on an individual’s identity, and where the concept of free will stands in a world that is seemingly driven by destiny.

The execution might not be to everybody’s taste, but a large part of that comes from Özkural’s ambition not to make a ‘safe’ debut. Overall, Run Away with Me is an interesting sci-fi from a debut filmmaker. It feels resonant to what the Indie-Lincs festival is all about because they have again turned their spotlight on a true ‘indie’ debut passion project. It’s got a lot of heart and one has to have a lot of respect for Özkural’s ambition as a debut filmmaker.

Run Away With Me

Written by Luke Compton


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