Indie-Lincs 2017: Kidnap Me

Kidnap Me will have its WORLD PREMIERE on Friday 17th March at the 2017 Indie-Lincs International Film Festival.


Kidnap Me is a new British screwball romantic comedy about two lovers who engage in a fetishistic role-play session, only to get kidnapped by a pair of dim-witted gangsters. This film comes from the minds of James Browning and Ross Aitken who are the directors, writers and producers of the film. The pair do very well in making this film feel fresh and entertaining.

The film has arrived at an excellent time, and I think that is a massive part of what helps the film work. The sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey (2015), Fifty Shades Darker (2017), has just been released in cinemas, so sexual taboos and unconventional fetishes are once again at the forefront of UK pop culture. Kidnap Me uses that in order to weave a tale about two lovers who love embarking on a variety of kinky sexual encounters which, as the film shows, result in hijinks.

The key scenario of the film has the couple tied up and ignorant to the fact that a pair of bumbling gangsters are behind their capture. A series of comedic encounters occur where the couple play along as if it was role-play while the gangsters are taken aback by their openness. It is this recurring scenario that really adds to the screwball nature that the directors intend for the film. The film is impressive from a cinematography front. It’s shot very well and tries hard to avoid the aesthetics of a low-budget independent film. I would say that Kidnap Me really comes into own by the halfway point. The climax certainly proved enjoyably stylistic and it makes the film very easy to enjoy. I was impressed by the style of the last act, it really adds to the screwball nature that the filmmakers are going for.

The acting in the film totally works for the intended effect. Genna Foden in particular adds a lot to the film. Her character plays up to these kinky scenarios and it’s clear that she’s having a lot of fun, without being at the expense of the film. I think the performances are enjoyable and they fit the intended archetypes.

Overall, Kidnap Me is a neat independent screwball comedy that offers great entertainment value for the audience. It fits the festival for sure due to its enjoyably quirky and offbeat nature. If you’re looking for a more playful take on the world of fetishistic endeavours, then you can’t go wrong with Kidnap Me.

Written by Luke Compton


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