Parallax Film Festival: Immort, Darkwave: Edge of Storm, Infinite and Close Circuit

Parallax Film Festival is a free independent festival which takes place on Saturday, 12th and Sunday 13th, November at the Collection in Lincoln. Follow @ParallaxFest or visit for more information and to book tickets.

Immort (winner of ‘Best Local’ award): 

poster-immort_poster_286x439Immort is a sci-fi student-led short film from recent Lincoln graduates. It excels with its visual style as it immediately hooks the audience in with its impressive visual effects. Director Jacob Redfern clearly has a set vision as the cinematography is excellent. This short film follows Sici, a social outcast, who tries to reclaim her privacy by turning off the nanobots running her body but the consequences could claim her life. Thematically, Immort explores privacy in the technology age and is certainly one of the best student works on show at Parallax Film Festival.

Immort will be screened on Sunday evening. 

By Anna Richards

poster-eots-a1_poster-portrait-v4Darkwave: Edge of Storm: 

Recently, the genre of sci-fi seems to be dominated by the big studios. It seems that any film or TV series belonging to this genre must have a hundred-million dollar/pound budget. Darkwave: Edge of the Storm proves that the quality science-fiction films and TV series is dictated by talent and imagination, and not limited to a budget.

The best sci-fi’s create new and mysterious worlds. Darkwave: Edge of the Storm does just that as it provides us with New Earth 72 and is set a hundred years in the future. David (Robin Kirwan) and Sarah (Nathalie Cox) are on the run from the sinister ‘Ministry’ to protect their son, Ben. They come across a destroyed outpost and risk their lives to search for supplies, but find instead the dangerous truth for the outpost’s destruction.

The Darkwave universe was first established in The Drift and Lincoln’s own director and writer, Darren Scales, has said that he hopes that this short will attract more investment into the Darkwave franchise. After having watched it, you will see why. Visual effects are as professional as any blockbuster and the atmosphere, generated by an epic score, is as tantalising as any other sci-fi hit. Hopefully, Darkwave: Edge of the Storm is just the beginning of a much larger franchise, and that in a few years time, we can all say that we were there when it all started.

Darkwave: Edge of Storm will be screened on Sunday evening. 

By Tom Durrans


poster-infiniteposterfinal_webInfinite is the fourth short film from Lowkey Films, based in Surrey. Written and directed by Connor O’Hara and produced by Jamie Gamache, the film follows on from the success of Wander, their third short film which was screened at Indie-Lincs 2016 and reviewed by us.

Infinite tells the touching tale of platonic brotherhood, led by a standout performance by George MacKay, best known as Joe ‘Bromley’ in the 2014 comedy drama Pride. Here, MacKay portrays Sid, a young man who has recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Despite the knowledge that he is dying, however, Sid is determined to remain upbeat and youthful by pulling together his four best pals: Dribble (Rory J. Saper), Plod (Alex Esmail), Wolfie (Alex Lincoln), and his closest confidante Digger (Elliot James Langridge). To preserve his memory and make his existence infinite, he asks them to assemble five key elements of his life: love, friends, home, location, and family. With this assembly, he plans to throw a bonfire where he and his pact will burn each item that reflects these elements.

Alike to Wander, Infinite has a stunning soundtrack that adds an extra punch to the short film. However, the primary compliment has to be given to O’Hara’s incredible screenplay, exemplifying his talent. Within such a short space of time, Infinite carefully explores the group dynamics of a tight-knit band of friends and delicately explores the themes of bidding farewell to a dying loved one. Based on their two latest films alone, it’s intriguing to think of what Lowkey Films have planned for the future…

Infinite will be screened on Sunday evening and will be followed by a Q+A with the filmmakers.

By Anna Richards (originally published on EoS on May 26th, 2016) 

Close Circuit: 

15068367_10209573014100478_4309888313789778719_oClose Circuit is a stop-motion animated short that seeps with creativity in every frame. A Russian doll gives birth to a child, but her new-born isn’t a Russian doll like her, he is a Lego child. The child grows up to realise that he is never going to be the son is mother wanted but the mother never quite grasps the reality of the situation, deciding to raise him as if he were a Russian doll. A seemingly ridiculous scenario is actually quite down-to-earth. Children shouldn’t just accept what society deems them to be, they should become the person that they want to be.

The stop-motion by Shih Po-Han is smooth and intelligent, using a variety of scenery and techniques to animate the characters in eccentric and inventive ways. Also worth noting is the meticulous attention to detail , keep your eyes peeled for background props and character design so as to feel the real charm of this light-hearted yet eloquent short.

Close Circuit will be screened on Sunday evening

By Tom Durrans



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