Parallax Film Festival: Daria the Great and Thornbird

Parallax Film Festival is a free independent festival which takes place on Saturday, 12th and Sunday 13th, November at the Collection in Lincoln. Follow @ParallaxFest or visit for more information and to book tickets.


Daria the Great: 


Daria the Great is a superhero movie set in the real world. There are no capes in sight, no criminals to be seen but there is true heroism. Daria, a young runaway, finds a purse belonging to a single mother, she decides to track her down and reunite the purse with its rightful owner. Derya Celikkol is fantastic as Daria, she is incredibly likeable and sympathetic as a shy and lonely young woman with a warm heart. Her ability to speak her mind without actually speaking is striking and she carries the weight of the film as if it were a feather.

Friedl and Mareesa Kreuser do an excellent job of fleshing out every character, allowing both dialogue and action to tell their personalities and character. Even if they only appear on screen for a single scene, each character feels developed and most importantly, real. If that doesn’t convince you to watch Daria the Great, maybe a cameo from Bill Murray will (admittedly, this Bill Murray is a rat…).

Daria the Great will be screened on Sunday afternoon 

By Tom Durrans

Thornbird (winner of ‘Best Short Film’ award): 

poster-posterThornbird is an experimental fairytale short film which follows a young girl who is transported to a dreamworld after finding a magic mask. The experimental style means that there’s a great reliance on aesthetics and it really delivers well on them. It’s commendably creative and a well told fairy-tale, which links to the director, Jonathan Stutzman, and his past work in publishing children’s books. Overall, Stutzman’s short film is both challenging and captivating. It’s worth a watch and is a unique way of telling a fairy-tale.

Thornbird will be screened on Sunday afternoon 

By Luke Compton 



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