Parallax Film Festival: Pollution of the Heart and Mirror Man

Parallax Film Festival is a free independent festival which takes place on Saturday 12th and 13th November at the Collection in Lincoln. Follow @ParallaxFest or visit for more information and to book tickets. 

Pollution of the Heart: 

pollutionDue to a childhood attachment to gothic stories set in Eastern Europe, Pollution of the Heart is exactly up my street. Directed by Oliwia Siem, the film immediately hooks you in with its stylish and gothic appearance. Conflicted between his duties to his high maintenance girlfriend and his agoraphobic and emotionally unstable mother, David is drawn to rituals of death. The cinematography is exquisitely shot and Oliwia Siem definitely proves her worth as she tactfully pays attention to every detail including the costume design and the colour palette.

By Anna Richards

Pollution of the Heart will be screened on Saturday afternoon. 

mirror-manMirror Man: 

Mirror Man is an analysis of the current cultural trends and the dangers of living behind a social mask. The film follows a nameless protagonist who is only known by his online persona, Mirror Man. He quite literally lives behind a reflection of others and sees himself as lesser than them. As the story develops we see just how socially inept he really is and the skilfully directed cinematography portrays how he sees the world around him. Mirror Man not only portrays the use of social network in an interesting and thought provoking way but it is also a commentary on how we have now transferred into this new age of posting our entire lives online.

The actors are all adequate and serve the story  well and the smart use of mirror imagery and reverse photography is commendable. The use of the floating messages and comments from social media really serves the story in an interesting way as we are visualising the world that Mirror Man live in that he is constantly surrounded by these comments and opinions of others. I can definitely recommend Mirror Man, you will never look at a mirror the same again.

By Lyam Crawford

Mirror Man will be screened on Saturday afternoon.



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