Parallax Film Festival: Pills for the Common Cancer & Home Delivery


Parallax Film Festival is a free independent festival which takes place on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13 November at the Collection in Lincoln. Follow @ParallaxFest or visit for more information and to book tickets. 

pills-posterPills for the Common Cancer:

Mexican short film Pills for the Common Cancer opens Parallax Film Festival on Saturday 12th of November. Directed by Esteban Chaires, it is an insightful drama that follows sixteen year old Nancy (Camila Saavedra, who channels a splendid young Debbie Harry look). Like most teenagers, Nancy is in a spur of rebellion and cherishes her favourite musicians and converse shoes. However, her life is quickly filled with a whirlwind of anger, confusion and affection for her loved ones as she is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Unlike other teenagers-with-cancer films such as The Fault in Our Stars, Pills for Common Cancer stands out as it is significantly less cheesy. Nancy is faced with a multitude of feelings as she wants to live life to full despite her recent diagnosis but equally lost in feelings of anger and resentment. Filmmaker Esteban Chaires skilfully directs this short with a stylish but simplistic fashion and Camila Saavedra shines in a strong performance as Nancy.

Pills for the Common Cancer will be screened on Saturday morning.

home_delivery_still__4Home Delivery: 

Dealing with racial tensions in the backdrop of Baltimore in 1974, Home Delivery follows young white paperboy Bobby (Devon Solwold) as he delivers the Baltimore News across his neighbourhood. He bumps into a fellow paperboy Reggie (Isaac Egwim) and they are separated by racial segregation. Soon, eyebrows are raised by Bobby’s brother over his blossoming friendship with Reggie. Written and directed by Tom Brandau, a Film Studies Professor at Moorhead University, it is a touching and simple story that deals expertly with a weighty subject.

Home Delivery will be screened on Saturday morning. 

By Anna Richards


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