TV Review: Peaky Blinders; Series 3

cb4faf4a0d044586e3c1cb59f0a394f0The Shelby clan hit television screens again this year, and this series has proved to be more destructive than ever before.

It’s a fine fit that the characters of Peaky Blinders have started to branch out and cause havoc internationally, when at the very same time the television show has found its place at the top of the global market. Whilst this series opens in 1924 with leader of the pack Tommy Shelby getting married, business must continue as the Russians make contact.

With an overlaying plot of robberies, royal households, sinister priests and kidnappings, Steven Knight’s creation — directed by Tim Mielants — manages to keep its focus on the family and the horrors they must endure day-to-day. As always, Cillian Murphy and Helen McCrory bring powerful performances to the table as Tommy Shelby and Polly respectively. However, this series they took a back seat to several standouts, including Paul Anderson as Arthur Shelby — Tommy’s elder brother who is torn between the evil bidding enforced by family, and a new chance of finding redemption — and Paddy Considine as the menacing Father John Hughes.

As has always been the case with Peaky Blinders, the cinematography flows so smoothly that it is hard to believe that the series is made for television.

To not give away any spoilers — for those who are yet to see the series finale, or even the very first episode — it remains unclear where the family will go from here. The Shelby clan have been broken and the head of the family is to blame. With so many opportunities looming over them, it is Steven Knight who must unveil which opportunities they will pursue; answering the questions that so many fans have. Television audiences have been offered a new drug, and its name is Peaky Blinders.


Written by Ryan Keen


One thought on “TV Review: Peaky Blinders; Series 3

  1. Perfectly written. I wanted to write about this series, but couldn’t do it justice. I think this post does though. I am forever impressed by the actors. Just can’t believe the series has finished already!


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