Indie-Lincs 2016: Twine; Wander

Twine | Richard Heap, 2015

  • Reviewed by Ryan Keen

As an experienced documentary filmmaker, Richard Heap makes his first step into the world of fictional filmmaking with Twine; a dark and powerful story of father (Dylan Smith) and son (Charlie Gallagher). Here, both characters are tortured in every sense possible, yet Gallagher as the son takes a more physical approach. An engrossing coming of age, cat-and-mouse hybrid, Heap brings out the very greatest talent in his two-way cast. Meanwhile, their snowy surroundings begins to work as a third member of the cast, creating a cold and ruthless atmosphere that aids the duration of this exceptional short.


Wander | Connor O’Hara, 2015

  • Reviewed by Ryan Keen

Noah (Alex Lincoln), a lone survivor of an accident, writes to his beloved sweetheart Jess (Amanda Fairbank-Hynes) as he travels through dangerous terrains to find her. However, before long, loneliness causes Noah to slowly slip into madness. What works so beautifully with this short is that the destructive landscape that the film is set, combined with a powerful soundtrack, screams in effect Noah’s troubling thoughts and feelings. This tale of survival breathes new life into its genre and allows us to witness the true extent of tragic insanity.


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