Indie-Lincs 2016: Director’s Cut; Bitch, Blood & Popcorn

Director’s Cut | Pol Diggler, 2015

  • Reviewed by Daniel Sheppard

Whilst the Belgian Man Bites Dog rocked the Cannes film festival in 1992, Director’s Cut brings a very similar approach to the 21st century; a dark satirical mockumentary that blurs the line between reality and fiction, enforcing a truly disturbing film. Yet, instead of solely emphasising the murderously creative antagonist(s), attention is drawn to the protagonist (Claudia Trujillo) who personifies a “living metaphor” in a production company’s attempt at the first ever snuff movie with a plot. With this, sympathy is felt as we identify this woman not as a “living metaphor”, but as a human being. Forcing you to question the ethical values of popular culture, the idea of the film is challenging, however its realisation is perfectly constructed with a balance of comedic elements with sinister goings-on.

Director's Cut

Bitch, Blood & Popcorn | Fabio Soares, 2014

  • Reviewed by Luke Compton

Bitch, Blood & Popcorn is an action pastiche which is slightly esoteric; a stylistic and violent short with a lot to offer. Combining various filmic elements — the original soundtrack, lighting, set design and costumes — this film is perfectly crafted to create respectability. The story itself is captivating, yet made even more enthralling with great writing and the establishment of characters and relationships. Merging the quality screenplay with style, the film has a terrific balance of style and substance.


For more information on Indie-Lincs 2016, including information on scheduled screenings, special events, film descriptions, awards, and tickets; check out our Indie-Lincs article or visit the Indie-Lincs website.


2 thoughts on “Indie-Lincs 2016: Director’s Cut; Bitch, Blood & Popcorn

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