Indie-Lincs 2016: Black Dream; Suds; Hole

Black Dream | Yohet Xia, 2015

  • Reviewed by Daniel Sheppard

Embracing an undeniable Freudian influence, Black Dream tells the troubling tale of a young man (Lukas Whitening) who aspires to be nothing less than an audacious artist, finding inspiration for his violent illustrations through reality. Combining performance with screenplay, Whitening’s character is quite simply terrifying. He resembles the monstrous human in every way possible; personifying charisma whilst disregarding ethical values, as shown through both his violent tendencies and Oedipus complex. Whilst it may offer an uncomfortable viewing experience, only a film so brilliantly made can provoke such a positively adverse response.

Black Dream

Suds | Rhys Wheeler, 2015

  • Reviewed by Daniel Sheppard

The finest example of the notion that less is more, Suds favours suspense over horrific imagery to create a nerve-shredding short that will leave you breathless. Plagued with guilt following a lethal accident, Michael (Kevin Dewsbury) is terrorised by a supernatural entity that lurks in the corner of his eye. Impending doom is threaded throughout the duration of Suds, and whilst the subsequent suspense isn’t ordinarily primary to such a film, this film defies the ordinary and carries suspense for the entirety. Amplifying this, even we, the audience, are denied closure as the film reaches its end, making it an unforgettable short which will haunt you long after.


Hole | Mike Callaghan, 2014

  • Reviewed by Ben Reynolds

Hole makes fantastic use of its location, utilising an eerie Scottish woodland entwined with a gritty, noir feel. Yet, fantastic too is its cast of three members. James Cosmo superbly plays Cooper; a man trying to enact revenge for the murder of his wife. It is Cosmo’s slightly gentle approach that makes Cooper’s plight truly heartfelt. Well-suited as his on screen partners are Daniela Nardini and Stephen McCole; the three of them together conjuring up the primal realities of their actions, causing tensions to rise. It is not often that a short stands out as much as this; beautifully bold and wildly impressive.


For more information on Indie-Lincs 2016, including information on scheduled screenings, special events, film descriptions, awards, and tickets; check out our Indie-Lincs article or visit the Indie-Lincs website.



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