Indie-Lincs 2016: Peter the 3rd

UntitledPeter the 3rd follows the recent cinematic and television trend, initiated back in 2011 by the runaway success of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, where the elderly and retired pensioners are placed at the heart and soul of the stories. Directed by Israeli veteran filmmaker Tommy Lang, Peter the 3rd follows Peter (Robert Henig), a 65 year old widower and theatre actor who continually struggles to grab a leading role.

Peter is a man of routines who cherishes going to work at the local theatre most days and regularly spends his evenings with his gang of fellow widowers and retirees, chatting and gossiping at the same table in the same cafe without fail. Disappointed by the pension from his acting career, Peter’s friends jokingly suggest that they form a political party named ‘The Widows and Widowers Party’ and suggest that Peter should run for the Knesset (the Israeli version of Parliament), all with the aim that he can receive a generous pension. Their joke soon becomes a reality as Peter befriends and enlists the help of waitress and spare time blogger Alona (Dana Yadlin), a 28 year old who brings Peter up to date with the modern world.

Peter the 3rd is an engaging and playful film where its best moments are when Peter and Alona bond a loving father-daughter relationship as her presence makes Peter reflect upon his marriage to his late wife and his unhappy relationship with his actual daughter. Their relationship is a delight as Alona introduces Peter to the world of online dating and coaches him as he tries to find love with a new woman. The characters of Peter, Alona and his friends at the cafe are full of charm, appeal and humour. Despite its low budget, Peter the 3rd could certainly give Western golden-oldie films a run for their money.


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  • Reviewed by Anna Richards

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