Indie-Lincs 2016: Completely Normal

CN_Poster_2With a quirkiness that can only be contained within a film set in New York, Completely Normal focuses on Greg (Seth Kirschner), a hopeless romantic, who falls in love with Gwen (Jenny Grace); a perfectly ordinary love story until you put Gwen’s multiple personality disorder into the equation.

Though the film perfects itself as an indie rom-com, at the core is a delicate, sad scenario that draws your deepest sympathies. As the struggles and repercussions of Gwen’s mental health tragically unveil themselves domestically, socially and professionally, a desperate loneliness is personified in Greg. Baring witness to such lost souls, it becomes blatant that our two primary characters are in need of each other, and thus hopefulness brings itself into the narrative.

Possibly the most interesting aspect of the film — and definitely the most positively challenging — is how Gwen’s disorder is conveyed. One second she’s visualised as Gwen, and the next she’s presented as Mary (Geneva Carr) or Dylan (Jym Parrella). This representation of mental health boasts creative uniqueness, and whilst it may initially pose itself as confusing, it adds light to a difficult subject whilst not denying its sadness.

Completely Normal makes essential viewing, complete with an irresistibly charming aesthetic and bursting with superb characters. The opening feature film of Indie-Lincs 2016, this is a fine example of indie filmmaking and should definitely be pursued.

Capture Normal

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  • Reviewed by Daniel Sheppard



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