Indie-Lincs 2016: Where Do We Go From Here?

poster_c_landWhere Do We Go From Here? is the directorial feature debut of Scottish filmmaker John McPhail; an effortlessly charming comedy drama that sees dejected nurse Jen (Lucy-Jane Quinlan) join the nursing staff at the Easy Love Care Home, only to find a youthful 25 year old James (Tyler Collins) living and working there after the death of his beloved grandfather. Much to Jen’s surprise, he’s very happy at the care home surrounded by his elderly best pals, despite constantly mopping up urine.

With a similar whiff to the 2014 comedy What We Did on Our Holiday, this film shares a Scottish setting with a spectacular feel good quality as James hatches a plan for his three best friends — mute Malcolm (Richard Addison), compulsive liar Joan (Alison Peebles), and the kind-hearted Nancy (Deirdre Murray) — to go on a trip. Along the way, however, he has to keep it a secret that the group — including Jen — are going to Deep Sea World as opposed to the funeral of formidable care home manager Miss Thompson (Maryam Hamidi).

The film really stands out as John McPhail perfectly captures the funny and heart-warming moments between James and his friends, and James and Jen as they gradually fall for each other. Of course, the romance is somewhat inevitable, yet it is a key part of watching James grow from an awkward gangly youth to a mature adult in the space of an hour and 20 minutes. Equally, the musical score is both excellent and memorable, provided by leading actor Tyler Collins.

Where Do We Go From Here? is hilarious, quirky and irresistibly charming; a fine choice of film to close Indie-Lincs 2016 on Saturday 12 March.

Capture 1

Where Do We Go From Here? will close Indie-Lincs 2016 on Saturday 12 March; between 19.00 and 22.00 in a screening with Leah Revivo’s Being Nice, Steve Young’s The Invention of the Perpetual Motion Machine and Tom Diffenthal’s Everyday Is Like Sundae, before the closing awards ceremony.

The film has been nominated for 1 award: the BIG IMP for Best Feature Film.

For more information on Indie-Lincs 2016, including information on scheduled screenings, special events, film descriptions, awards, and tickets; check out our Indie-Lincs article or visit the Indie-Lincs website.

  • Reviewed by Anna Richards



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