Film Review: Deadpool

teaser-one-sheetSuperheroes are definitely a fad in the movie industry right now with Marvel taking the world by storm with their cinematic universe. With Deadpool, however, it wants to bring a breath of fresh air to the generic formula found in such movies. The BBFC 15 certificate is a strong one, and it seeks to subvert your expectations with the ludicrously Meta lead character.

Before having even sat down in the cinema, you should be very familiar with the character of Deadpool (played by Ryan Reynolds) after the film’s incredible marketing campaign. The posters were lucrative, the trailers were comedic, and the controversy about the BBFC certification was well publicised. As a result, floods of cinemagoers continue to crowd theatres, excited for a superhero movie that is as left field as Guardians of the Galaxy (2014).

Deadpool is subversive as the titular character breaks the fourth wall, also being near invincible. He frequently narrates the film with a complete comprehension of the viewership and the world outside. He references Ryan Reynolds, superhero conventions, Green Lantern (2011) and, best of all, Deadpool’s dire incarnation in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009).

Contrary to this praise, however, the film thinks it’s more of a game changer than it actually is. Wanting to be a revolutionary take on genre, it sporadically falls prey to the generic conventions. Like most superhero movies, the bad guy is weak and whilst he isn’t as terrible as nearly all of the MCU baddies, he’s still not great. Additionally, Deadpool falls trap to a clichéd origin story.

Thankfully, the film remains to be as hilarious and violent as expected. Refreshing for a superhero movie, Deadpool is acutely violent in places with a great use of blood. After all, who can truly deny that they’ve never wanted to see Wolverine use his claws to their full extent?

As a character, Deadpool has some sharp wit and is written as bombastically as the comic books depict him; firing a joke every other second. Some will leave smiling, some will leave laughing, and others will leave irritated, however, as Deadpool’s incessant joking soon ruins the atmosphere. Contrarily, though, his observations are brilliant and it’s great to see a character understand exactly what the audience is thinking, thus humorously acknowledging them. As for the post-credits scene, it’s well worth your patience.

Deadpool certainly teaches you not to believe the hype, but still a highly enjoyable film that stands well above the vast majority of superhero movies. It’s hyperviolent, charming, engaging, and, above all, ecstatically hilarious.


  • by Luke Compton

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