Hocus Pocus: 22 Years of the Sanderson Sisters

The_Sanderson_SistersOn October 31st, 1693, the Sanderson Sisters were using their magical witch powers to get up to no good and lure children to their house in Salem, Massachusetts so they could steal their youth and make themselves younger and live forever. Fortunately for the children of Salem, the sisters did not succeed in their plans thanks to the heroic acts of Thackery Binx, a local boy that caught the sisters out, but in the process was transformed into a cat. Three hundred years on, the sisters have returned to continue their plan, but with only one night to do it, will they succeed?

Hocus Pocus is a Disney live-action movie that delivers more than you’d expect with a flamboyant tone, feel good musical numbers, and even a couple of iconic stars in the form of Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker.

If you’re like me and don’t see the appeal in horror films, or maybe if you scare just a little too easily, but still want to get into the spirit of Halloween then Hocus Pocus makes perfect viewing. As it’s a Disney movie, there is a fair share of silliness and childish jokes, but that isn’t without saying that Hocus Pocus is more mature than the vast majority of other Disney Channel live-action mush they churn out.

The witches do their best to really be menacing, whilst also showing the audience why it’s understandable that they got caught the first time. Hocus Pocus also features probably the most interesting performance from Sarah Jessica Parker to date.

This Halloween, instead of partying, trick or treating or watching a horror film, watch Hocus Pocus and get lost in all its glory that has already made Halloween an enjoyable time for 22 years.

Are you a fan of Hocus Pocus?

Comment with your thoughts.

– Ryan Keen


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