Film Review: Beasts of No Nation

download-11Like it has done with many television shows, Netflix has now helped to revolutionise the film industry by releasing its latest feature film, Beasts of No Nation, simultaneously online and in cinemas.

Having had experience in both film and television, Cary Joji Fukunaga has won awards for his film Sin Nombre (2009) and direction on the HBO series True Detective. Having written and directed this adaptatiom of the 2005 novel by Uzodinma Iweala, Fukunaga tells the story of 14 year old Agu as his life and family are torn apart by war. As a result, he finds himself transformed into a solider under the wing of a corrupt warlord.

Idris Elba and film debutante Abraham Attah give performances of class in this war drama, starring as the Commandant and Agu respectively. The actors bring an air of stillness and calm to the chaos around them, but working with Fukunaga’s direction, in the most tense moments they can turn your heart rate from steady to pulsating.

Beasts of No Nation is a harrowing tale which poses many moral dilemmas; it is almost as if you are destined to sit on the fence observing as these people with nowhere else to turn descend into a vicious circle from victim to perpetrator.

Discussing Beasts of No Nation in terms of the Academy Awards, it is completely plausible that the film will be nominated. Not only has Netflix changed our viewing habits in Western culture, but if Beasts of No Nation is to succeed in Oscar glory, it could change the film industry and the way we view films entirely.

What did you think of Beasts of No Nation?

Comment with your thoughts.

– Ryan Keen


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