An Absolutely Fabulous Article

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUSAt the start of the year Jennifer Saunders announced that she had finished writing Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, much to the delight of fans everywhere. After we cracked open a bottle of Stolichnaya in celebration, things went increasingly quiet over the course of seven months and our optimism was starting to dim. However, it was Joanna Lumley’s appearance on ITV’s This Morning last month that, as opposed to the usual Marlboro Light, sparked hope and excitement.

In an interview with Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, Lumley confirmed that shooting is set to begin on Monday 12th October and that ‘the same old gang’ will be returning along with guest stars who we have seen before. Being shot entirely on location, partially in the south of France, we were promised by Patsy herself that ‘it is going to be ravishingly funny, very gorgeous and completely fabulous.’

The full interview can be watched here.

So, before you take yourself on a celebratory shopping trip to Selfridges, the nation’s favourite convenience store, prepare yourself for the Ab Fab movie by revisiting these five iconic episodes:

FranceFrance (Series 1, Episode 3) 

Much to Eddy’s dismay, Saffy throws her mother’s stash of a little something down the toilet just before Patsy and Eddy jet off to France for the week. Expecting to stay at a glamorous chateaux, the two get lost en route and wind up in a cottage with no food and, worst of all, no bolli. Under the impression that they are starving from malnutrition, Eddy makes a pleading call for Saffy to come and rescue them. This episode sees a hilarious wine tasting and Eddy and Patsy tackle a crazed game of ping-pong. The best is saved till last as the ending of France sees one of the best one-liners Saunders has ever written.

Gay (2002 Special)

To Saffy’s annoyance, Eddy discovers that her long-lost son Serge is living in New York and is gay. Eddy assumes that Serge is the stereotype of a gay man and thinks that she will have a personal shopper for life. Eddy and Patsy fly to New York and a whirlwind search to find Serge begins. The two find their way to an LGBT centre in order to get Serge’s address from a counsellor (the wonderful Whoopi Goldberg). However, they are required to exchange marital vows.

PanickinPanickin’ (Series 5, Episode 3)

Eddy installs a state-of-the-art panic room filled with the essentials: alcohol, drugs and board games in the case “the inevitable dirty bomb gets dropped on Holland Park”. Meanwhile, Patsy clinches her first celebrity client, actress Minnie Driver. As an excited Patsy explains to Eddy her chance meeting, Bubble fails to grasp who Minnie Driver is (“Is it a dwarf?”). Driver arrives at Eddy’s pad for a styling session but as Patsy and Eddy fight over a necklace, both are accidentally locked in the panic room. What happens next is an amusing scenario where the only sources of entertainment for Eddy and Patsy are CCTV footage of Saffy and Trivial Pursuit.

Poor (Series 2, Episode 5) 

Eddy is stricken to discover that her two ex-husbands have stopped paying her alimony (or, as Patsy calls it, compensation for Saffy’s existence). Eddy is deemed poor by her accountant whilst Saffy enforces a strict budget. Patsy and Eddy are sent to the supermarket by Saffy to do the weekly shop but this decision results in a hectic, chaotic, lawbreaking mess.

Fear (Series 3, Episode 5) 

The inevitable has happened; Saffy has moved out leaving Eddy to fend for herself. The results aren’t pretty as Eddy struggles to open a tin of custard and realises that as her best friend has moved in, Patsy has become the ‘man’ of the house. Meanwhile, Patsy’s magazine has folded, leaving her unsure whether to move to New York which would see her relationship with Eddy sour.

Are you excited for Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie? Maybe we’ve missed off one of your favourite episodes?

Comment with your thoughts.

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