Inside Out Review


With a famous reputation for hacking into people’s emotions and warming their hearts, Pixar takes the next step with their latest cinematic venture which literally examines your feelings.

Inside Out follows 11 year old Riley who leads a great life with a loving family, fantastic friendships and a love for hockey. However, all of this changes when she moves from small-town Minnesota to San Francisco. We follow two different viewpoints as Riley struggles with the realities of moving whilst the feelings (Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust) within her mind scrap over who will gain power. Soon, Joy does everything in her power to stop Sadness from taking over, resulting in core memories going missing along with Joy and Sadness who must find their way back to ‘HQ’.

The film follows a complex plot which seems to be fit perfectly with Pixar’s most complex idea to date. Since it premiered at the Cannes earlier this year, Inside Out has been met with sparkling reviews and it’s easy to see why. From a company that makes a habit out of teaching life lessons to its audience, this film is no exception and probably reveals the two most important lessons: everyone must grow up and it’s okay to feel sad.

01With a cast that falls perfectly in place, this animated adventure does everything it can to make you feel almost all of the emotions portrayed on screen. Joy, fear, anger, disgust and, most importantly, sadness, are all at play to entice children, along with making anyone over the age of 12 feel almost nostalgic as memories are lost forever.

Although Inside Out seems to be triumphant, it didn’t get me as tearful as other Pixar films such Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Up, though our editor admits to crying on numerous occasions. However, whether you’re in need of tissues or not, the film remains to be packed with smart and funny moments at every turn, certainly putting a halt to the questions raised about if Pixar have hit their peak and are slowly dwindling or not.

Should you find yourself bored or with nothing to do one evening, hop onto your train of thought (it stops off at Imagination Land) and head to the cinema to see Inside Out; you will be left with a shining optimism that you’re on the right path to living a good life, and your heart will be left warm with a sense of nostalgia.

How did Inside Out leave you feeling?

Comment with your thoughts.

Ryan Keen 


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