Yonderland: Series 2 Preview

They don’t care if you have a strict deadline, if you’re about to go on holiday, or if your house is burning down; they need you to help Debbie Maddox, the chosen one, on her quest to find a mystical second scroll which might uncover her true mission. Once again it’s time to put on your hapless helmets and hold up your shields of silliness because you’re about to find yourself in the chaotic world of Yonderland.

02Created by the talent behind CBBC’s Horrible Histories, Yonderland is a tale of fantasies and quests in a magical world found only through a cupboard located in a British home. Back for a brand new series, the show will be bringing in influences from such classics as Monty Python’s Flying Circus and The Mighty Boosh, mixing them with ideas stemming from Jim Henson’s Labyrinth to create a laughing riot of a comedy show. Though it might not make a lot of sense, no one seems to care!

The family fantasy comedy series follows housewife Debbie who, in the first series, found herself swapping dishes for swords and transforming into the noble chosen one. Set to bring down the dark forces of evil surrounding the magical Yonderland, she’s helped by Elf the elf. Debbie went through everything, proving herself to a council of incompetent elders that she is worthy of being the saviour of the realm, from settling disputes of politeness to reuniting a crazed old wizard with his Mojo.

With the second series starting on Monday, we can surely expect to see much of the same nonsensical shenanigans happening on Sky 1 at 8pm, with a more in depth look at the characters linked to the evil clouding over Yonderland, a possibly a song or two. Do you feel up to the task?

What has your favourite Yonderland moment been so far? Are you excited for the second series?

Comment with your thoughts.

Ryan Keen


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