BBC Three: The End of an Era

In 2003 the BBC launched a shiny new channel to widen their demographic and reach out to a younger audience, creating a platform for new shows and producers to stand tall on.

IdentThis year marks the twelfth and final anniversary of BBC Three being on our TV screens following the BBC Trust’s recent decision to turn the channel into an online platform; this strategy should see the broadcaster save £30 million a year but alas, it could also knock down the foundations it has worked so hard to build.

BBC Three has provided some of the best British television over the past decade, offering a guide for young adults on how to tackle issues in Britain and around the world, as well as showcasing brand new comedy to bring a sense of light relief to our pressure fuelled lives. Throughout its time on the air, I’ve been a constant viewer growing up alongside the channel and seeing the difference it has made; I was there when Dafydd Thomas proclaimed that he was the only gay in the village, I was there when three supernatural beings decided that shacking up together would be a good idea, and I was there when Gavin met Stacey. Like an uninvited observer into all of their lives, I was there, watching them mould an entire generation!

Blob IdentWhen the BBC initially announced their decision to make the move, protesters gathered in their masses from all over the country. Producers, stars and citizens were united as one to combat what could potentially ruin the broadcaster’s image of caring for the arts. Unfortunately, no matter how hard we fought, on Tuesday 30th June the move was made official.

With reports that the BBC are in need of £150 million to make up for the lack of public license fees, along with the high number of jobs they plan to cut, the unrelenting force of the government is looming over them in what can only be described as the BBC’s darkest hour. Could this groundbreaking move to online content be the key to getting them on the right path? With original content being lowered to a staggering quarter of what it is now, it’s fine to be sceptical as we begin a very bumpy ride.

Are you happy about the BBC’s decision to turn BBC Three into an online platform?

Comment with your thoughts.

Ryan Keen


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