Archer: Season 6 Preview

PosterArcher, the hit animated spy comedy, aired its sixth season earlier this year in the States and is due to air in the UK this autumn. With a seventh season having already been greenlit for next year, autumn is just too far away so we’re going to take an intimate (PHRASING!) look into what the sixth season has to offer.

With Archer taking home the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Animated Comedy at the end of May, it’s fair to say that the writing is still on top form (duh and/or hello!) with the show entering its fourth consecutive year of victory. Through pop culture parodies, throwback references to film and TV, and catchphrases, you’re guaranteed to find at least one thing funny in each episode of Archer that can be quoted in everyday life.

Whilst season five spawned a new direction and name with Archer Vice, paying homage to Miami Vice, the sixth season goes back to the shows original espionage roots with the addition of the CIA and the dropping of ISIS, the name of the agency. The show has been described by Adam Reed (series creator) as being “James Bond meets Arrested Development” – season six reinforces this by trying to balance a group of spies’ duties with their personal lives, only to be faced with more complications than usual including parental issues and the return of an old villain!

On the topic of returning, though Archer frequently references previous episodes and has a plethora of recurring characters and catchphrases, the writing of these elements is constructed in such a way that never feels too far behind. The vast majority of episodes could be watched out of chronology and still contain a value of high entertainment without the awkwardness of missing out on previous events. The exposition almost feels like the characters are indirectly attempting to break the fourth wall except it’s never successfully broken. Of course, the dialogue is used as a humorously offensive rebuttal which completely undermines said exposition… Talk about hostile work environment!

01As mentioned previously, season six of Archer reverts back to its original espionage ways. The concept of a reboot is to take something that already exists and bring it back, making necessary changes to improve it. Archer tried to reboot with Archer Vice but, with the new season, has undone everything that spawned in season five’s new approach. In fact, the only change made in the fifth season which seems to have carried over is the gang’s unsteady alliance with Slater, the CIA and Archer and Lana’s baby.

Clearly the gang are in for more insane, chaotic and sexy adventures (SPLOOSH!) than ever before with the possibility of making more enemies than allies in the process. Expect to see lots of yelling, fighting and shots fired, both literal and metaphorical. The sixth season of Archer is basically just another day in the office, only without Brett Buckley to draw the bullets away… Each episode’s ending will have you so hyped for the next, you’ll be begging for more (said Ripley to the android bishop). The finale itself is a humdinger; a commonly used parody of a classic film with a comedic twist that makes Archer iconic. So, give Kenny Loggins a call and get ready to hop back in the Danger Zone this autumn!

What are your favourite Archer moments? Are you excited for the sixth season?

Comment with your thoughts.

Letitia Lemon


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