The Jurassic Experience: Waterloo Station

On Friday 5th June, a mysterious container arrived in the middle of Waterloo Station, London. Branded with a large InGen logo, it also had signs that look like this:



While the InGen logo might not be obvious to everyone, the accompanying signs made it pretty clear that this was a very clever marketing tool from the Jurassic World team.

What we didn’t know, however, was that on Monday 8th June, the container would be savaged open by some terrifying visitors who wanted to play:


Having seen Jurassic World twice on its opening weekend, along with being a huge fan of the franchise, I was naturally intrigued by the happenings at Waterloo. Therefore, I needed to check it out for myself…

When coming up the escalators from the underground, I was greeted by a huge banner advertising the film:


As I walked out into the station, I looked around and there was Jurassic World EVERYWHERE:




Knowing that the InGen container was lying around here somewhere, I went on an adventure until I finally discovered it. As I approached the container, I saw them; I saw the Velociraptors in all their glory. I don’t think I’ve ever had such an urge to take a selfie my whole entire life but this was something that needed to be done. Completely uncaring of the judging eyes watching me, I approached the Raptors and got my picture:


Thankfully it wasn’t just simply an unattended container; there were also a couple of a Park Rangers nearby, not only keeping me safe but handing these out:


Naturally I approached these lovely people and asked if I could get a picture with them. As they agreed, they proceeded to tell me that their weirdest request was when a man asked if he could put his amputated arm in one of the Raptor’s mouths!


After thanking them, I took a leaflet and had a look at the map:


Dinosaur information display? Yes please.

I made my way up the escalator and found the information stands. Reading the information about the dinosaurs featured in Jurassic World was great. With information like where in Jurassic World to see them and how dangerous they are, they are a perfect accompaniment to the film.


That done, I could see on the map that out on the main line platforms was even more cool stuff. However, not having a main line train ticket, this could be a problem. Resolution? Sneak through onto the platforms undetected and get some pictures! The first thing I noticed were these banners on all the platforms:


Soon after, I noticed posters advertising attractions at Jurassic World, along with a map of the park, and my need to be at there reached a new high:





After exhausting the platform information, I turned around to go back out to the station when I noticed a huge sign welcoming any travellers arriving at Waterloo Station:


Not having a ticket, I nearly got trapped on the platform but a nice bloke let me back through; I felt like I’d accomplished some real James Bond mission here.

Knowing that there wasn’t much left to see, I made my way to the Jurassic Traders outpost in search of a souvenir:


Sadly, the only items to be found were copies of the Jurassic Park trilogy on DVD and Blu-Ray, the new Lego video game and the opportunity to buy Odeon cinema tickets to see Jurassic World:


Disappointed that I couldn’t get the Jurassic World mug I had so desperately hoped for, I left the trading post with my map as a sufficient souvenir. At this point, I decided that it was time to leave but not before having one last look at the container:


When leaving the station, this monster of a poster loomed over me and I urged to see Jurassic World once more:


All in all, #JurassicWaterloo is a great experience for Jurassic Park and World fans alike. If getting a selfie with some Velociraptors isn’t enticing enough, as mentioned, there are some fantastic Jurassic World information points, posters and park rangers for you to see.


Here’s hoping that Chris Pratt is around when the Raptors realise that sitting on top of a container is no fun!

Have you been to the Jurassic Waterloo experience?

Comment with your thoughts.

Brian Smith


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