Jurassic World Review

Poster14 years since the last instalment of the Jurassic Park series, Jurassic World brings to life John Hammond’s dream of a functioning park in a way that even perhaps he himself wouldn’t have imagined. The park is open, seeing 20,000 visitors a day, and they really have “spared no expense”. However, with dinosaurs now out of extinction for 22 years, the consumers need more wow, thus the Indominus Rex is made. Not just a big new dinosaur, the Indominus is a Frankenstein’s monster genetic hybrid that will “give the parents nightmares”.

Having stomped on the world record for biggest opening weekend EVER, and Chris Pratt already allegedly signed on for a sequel, Jurassic World is set to be one of the biggest films of the year, and deservedly so. From the opening scenes to the serene, slow piano version of the Jurassic Park theme that accompanies the end credits, Jurassic World is a film that will take you on an emotional Jeep ride through 65 million years of monstrous wonder.

To the pre-existing Jurassic Park fans, the nostalgia will hit hard throughout the film. There are constant references to the original park in every way, from the music to the tied up goat in the T-Rex paddock. Lots of references to Richard Attenborough’s John Hammond are made too, and each will make your heart hurt. Jurassic World also sees the return of Dr. Henry Wu, one of the original scientists from the first park. However, he isn’t the only returning character; the T-Rex we last saw roaring as a ‘WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH‘ banner fell to round at the end of Jurassic Park is also back, and if the scars on the Rex didn’t provide enough evidence, director Colin Trevorrow has made confirmation.

01Once again, Chris Pratt shows that he is blockbuster leading material as he gives his most badass performance to date. Bryce Dallas Howard also slays as his female counterpart, tearing through the park in high heels. While Jurassic World is guilty of gender stereotyping – “who brings an itinerary to a first date?” – the performances were strong with a great chemistry between the two leading actors. Meanwhile, Jake Johnson gives a great performance with lines that are wonderfully similar to the cynical musings of Dr. Ian Malcom from the first two films.

The park itself is incredibly convincing. Living in a consumer obsessed society, seeing Starbucks and a building sponsored by Samsung is exactly what you would expect from one of the world’s leading theme parks. Along with SeaWorld style water shows and a park monorail, it is not only somewhere that looks convincing, but somewhere you will want to visit.

02The dinosaurs look as good as ever with only a small handful of moments in which the CGI shone through. The dinosaur action in the film is by far the best the franchise has given us so far and you will be left with your jaw increasingly closer to the floor as the film progresses.

The plot isn’t anything particularly new. In fact, it is quite similar to the first film. However, rather than being the same old plot that’s tiresome, Jurassic World offers enough twists and turns, partnered with some stunning visuals, that you’ll hardly even notice.

Jurassic World is the Jurassic Park for the new generation. Colin Trevorrow puts his stamp on the Jurassic Park series in a spectacular fashion to deliver a park that will both captivate and amaze you. Even if you’re not a pre-existing fan of the series, you’ll be definitely slamming your feet on the ground as you make your way out of the park, thirsty for more.

Jurassic World 2: The Lost Park, anyone?

What did you think of Jurassic World?

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Brian Smith


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