Game of Thrones: Season 5 Review

Another year gone, another season ends. No longer will we spend our Monday evenings in childlike anticipation, waiting for the next instalment of Game of Thrones to air, but at least we can look back and remember the latest season in all its glory.

Caution: MAJOR spoilers ahead and SENSITIVE themes!

got-finale_0Season 5 seems to have been the season of comeuppance; Cersei was knocked down, Ramsay left speechless in rare moments, and Ellaria’s initial plans thwarted.

However, with delight comes darkness. Though Cersei was a sinner and widely disliked character, who couldn’t find it agonising to watch her walk of shame through the streets of Westeros? With every step, you could see the destruction of her spirit.

Of course this it to be expected from a series that constantly finds new and inventive ways to torture and murder our most beloved characters, but this season has heard a huge outcry from fans who feel that GoT has become too brutal to bare.

With children being burnt alive, pimped out and being turned into undead soldiers, they really aren’t made for an easy life in the GoT universe. How Arya made it to Bravos with barely a scratch is a complete mystery, especially considering the Hound’s warning in season three about men who like to beat and rape young girls. Unfortunately, an example of these men comes in the form of Meryn Trant. As if he wasn’t hated enough, the character now does GOT_8unspeakable things to young girls before his satisfying death. For Arya, his murderer, she may get to cross another name off her death list but she left the Many-Faced God in fury. The last we see of Arya, she’s in panic and blindness which is shocking to watch as she crosses the border between safety and punishment.

Arya’s punishment was not the most shocking development however. In the season finale alone we saw more of our treasured characters face great struggle, such as Daenerys. Having been struggling in her new position as leader of Meereen, seeing her loyal army slaughtered making her actions towards nobility become more violent, it looked like her storyline was taking a turn for the worst. However, Drogon returned to save her from slaughter at the fighting pits. With GoT’s rollercoaster narrative forcing you to guess constantly, many thoughts come to mind as Dothraki surrounded her.

Contrary to disbelief, the Game of Thrones universe is not without traces of joy. Despite the misery that clouds Sansa as she finally learns that her younger brothers are alive, she now has something to live for. Furthermore, the tortured soul of Theon regains his humanity.

Seeing ‘Reek’ kill Myranda in order to save Sansa was a triumphant highlight, especially after Brienne missed the signal for help that she had been waiting for since Sansa returned to the north. Finally with revenge and duty, she successfully put an end to the tedious storyline of Stannis. Many rejoice seeing Stannis’ whole world fall apart around him; the dramatic karma was impeccable after sacrificing his daughter to the God of Light on the ever so terrible advice of Melisandre.

Jon-Snow-leadershipSeeing Melisandre ride into Castle Black was enough to make anyone’s blood boil but none of this, none of these storylines, can hold a candle to the death of Jon Snow. In a symbolic Julius Caesar fashion, shock has washed over the fan base with GoT, yet again, taking a direction we never expected. It still seems strange to be surprised by these deaths, especially after the beheading of Ned Stark in the first season. However, it has left many already speculating whether the death is real or not. After all, Melisandre is well known for her visions, especially after having one which turned out to be inaccurate. Unfortunately, as mentioned, this is just speculation and the answer isn’t likely to emerge until the sixth season commences.

All of these events are overwhelming and it’s hard to cover everything. In the last episode alone we have seen multiple storylines that could possibly lead to big end games; it was to be predicted considering we only have two seasons left. As difficult as it is to come to terms with the fact that we’re closer to the end than the start, there’s clearly a big pull towards some huge storylines in the future. You can always rely on Game of Thrones for fantastic acting, amazing visuals and twists that have you internally wounded; what’s left to say other than what do you expect?

What was your favourite part of Game of Thrones: Season 5? What state did the season finale leave you in?

Comment with your thoughts.

Maisie Anderson 


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