Pitch Perfect 2 Review

PosterIn Elizabeth Banks’ directorial feature debut which hit cinemas last month, Pitch Perfect 2  follows the Bellas as their a cappella endowments take them to an international competition in Denmark.

Even from the establishing scenes you’re given a similar feel to that of the first film; the protagonists’ rapport is second to none which gives you a true sense of comradery between our leads. However, the elaborateness of the stage performances have been upped in this instalment, from Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) hoisted down from the rafters singing Wrecking Ball, to an underground sing-off hosted by ‘the world’s biggest a cappella fan’ (David Cross). The natural progression by the filmmakers to make Pitch Perfect 2 more entertaining than the first feature is truly excelled as the stakes are raised, taking the characters from national leagues to international leagues and giving more time to explore the characters; more layers to the leads are uncovered as Beca (Anna Kendrick) starts to pursue her career and the relationship between Fat Amy and Bumpers (Adam DeVine) blooms.

Das Sound Machine, our German antagonists, provide a worthy villainous position as their vicious mannerisms and large quantity oppose the Bellas.  The relationship between the two groups harkens obvious semblance to Rocky 4 through the culture clash, especially with Birgitte Hjort Sørensen’s portrayal of Kommissar somewhat paying homage to Brigitte Nielson’s role of Ludmilla in Rocky 4. With the use of more commanding adversaries than the first instalment, Pitch Perfect 2 provides a great sense of conflict.

PP2Certain aspects of the picture do fall flat however, with a new cast of characters lacking appeal; one debuting character seems to have no other purpose but to serve as a racial stereotype, making Kimmy Jin (Jinhee Joung) from the former feature appear completely inoffensive. In addition to her controversial presentation, the one-liners she throws never seem to hit the mark.

Another topic of argument could be the unnecessary use of Fat Amy throughout Pitch Perfect 2; the abundance of her character makes you quickly skip from being charmed to terribly bored by her antics. With rumours of another sequel, the character desperately needs to be toned down in order to keep the viewing experience fresh.

With a market full of superheroes and dinosaurs, it’s nice to find a film that doesn’t take itself too seriously but Pitch Perfect 2 can also be appreciated for its entertaining screenplay and character performances.

Did Pitch Perfect 2 have the X-Factor or was it alcohol-fuelled karaoke?

Comment with your thoughts.

– Christian Robson


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