Mad Max: Fury Road Review

Mad Max Fury Road PosterIn this reboot/sequel to the Mel Gibson saga, Mad Max: Fury Road finds Max Rockatansky captured by the War Boys, an army lead by the destructive Immortan Joe who now rules the badlands of Earth following a nuclear war. Entering the film, Max is used as an ongoing blood donor for Nux, a dying War Boy portrayed by Nicholas Hoult, who is on the hunt for Charlize Theron’s Imperator Furiosa. Once a slave to Immortan Joe, Furiosa is now a fugitive with Joe’s wives in hope of finding the wondrous ‘green place’ they dream of inhabiting.

Although this 2 hour chase film seems like a total adrenaline-fuelled farce, it acts as a commentary on humanity and the direction that the world is going in with nuclear power and global warming.

The interesting thing about Mad Max: Fury Road is that our title character is not the protagonist. George Miller wonderfully executes what a female role in an action film should be with his creation of Imperator Furiosa; a hard-hitting, one-armed woman who possesses all the willpower and fight to overcome anything as she rubs oil across her forehead in tribute to William Wallace.

Though we hope our world doesn’t soon resemble Fury Road‘s, the beautiful landscape makes it somewhat desirable with John Seale’s masterful cinematography capturing everything with precise detail.

Mad Max - 02An idea that has been in the works for George Miller since 1998, Mad Max: Fury Road has had an array of names attached to the project for a number of years. However, it seems that all of the waiting Miller had to endure has paid off with each big star playing to their strengths – Charlize Theron is dazzling as the empowered Furiosa and delivers one of her best performances whilst Tom Hardy utilities his skills of communicating and emoting through body language, keeping the film spinning in perpetual motion for the duration.

Every aspect of Mad Max: Fury Road is equivalent to the iconic scene in This Is Spinal Tap where everything is turned up to eleven. Fantastic, right? A right hook across the face from the carnage that is Fury Road? If you go to see this film, you must prepare as 2 hours of adrenaline-fuelled fun can take its toll; make your mind ready for what is essentially being trapped inside a roaring yet glorious jet engine.

What did you think to Mad Max: Fury Road?

Comment with your thoughts.

Ryan Keen


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